Why Psychology?

Psychologist OrangevilleClinical Psychologists have a high level of training in the assessment and treatment of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

  • In Ontario, a Psychologist has typically completed a doctoral degree. Thus they have likely finished at least eight years of university-level academic training with a focus on the assessment and treatment of mental health problems.  As part of their training, and to become registered or licensed to practice in Ontario, a Psychologist has also passed several licensing exams and completed more than two years of full-time work (thousands of hours) in Clinical Psychology under the supervision of fully licensed Psychologists.


Psychologists are regulated health professionals.

  • Psychologists are held to high ethical standards and their ongoing clinical work is monitored and regulated by the College of Psychologists of Ontario.


Psychologists have extensive training and experience to help them integrate psychological research with clinical practice.

  • Psychologists are well-equipped to deliver ethical, up-to-date, and effective mental health services that can meet the unique needs of each client.


Psychology “works” and this is an excellent reason to “give it a try”!



Are you confused about the differences between Psychologists and other mental health providers?

The Past-President of the Ontario Psychological Association, Dr. Jane Storrie, has created a useful Professional Comparison chart that can help you to understand the differences between types of clinicians and help you to choose the provider who is right for you.

View Profession Comparison Chart